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Vicky Murphy

Born in Saigon, Vietnam to her American parents who worked in the U.S. Embassy in the State Department, Vicki started her life in an exotic place that seemed to portend she would follow a road less traveled. Although her family moved back to Michigan before she was old enough to be influenced by the culture, she has retained her sense of adventure and combined that with her love of art. After graduation, Vicki went on to the University of Michigan and later transferred to Wayne State with its more diverse art program. Drawing, which was and remains her strong suit was calling to her, and she answered. A chance meeting with, Bob Vito, in Detroit who had just started a fledgling cable news station called CNN, allowed her to explore that avenue. She did all of the drawings for them, and had the opportunity to do the illustrations in a particularly high-profile crime trial. In 1997, Vicki graduated from Wayne State with a BFA. And relocated to the Los Angeles area.
One evening at a jazz club, she saw the man who would later become her husband. It was love at first sight, they both say, although it was several months before they dated. Vicki needed help at her studio doing physical and technical things so she could devote more time to her artistry. The man who came to apply for the job was the man she had seen earlier at the jazz club. One day, he shocked her by picking up a paintbrush and painting a picture. Even more surprising, he was really good. The end or beginning of this happily ever after story is that they were married. They collaborate on their work, and even produced a beautiful little girl. She comes to visit the studio and sometimes paints with her mom and dad. Because of her daughter, Vicki currently paints with all water based mediums that will clean up with soap and water. Inspiration for her art comes from a happy place, and she feels that is apparent in her art, which may be abstract, floral, or even huge murals. She loves the life she and her husband have created together, much of which is spent collaborating and working on their art. Since change is not even slightly daunting to her, we can expect a multitude of exciting creations, in directions that she probably has not even yet considered, to spring from this very talented woman.

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