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Ursula Brenner

Ursula J. Brenner creates a diverse array of landscapes and contemporary
abstracts in pastels, acrylics and oils, using contrasts in form
and color to underscore emotion in each piece. Ursula’s art reflects
a wide range of moods, from light and playful to deep and mysterious.
Born in Germany, Ursula has been influenced by a rich cultural
background of old world museums, art, music and architecture. She
lives and works in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she attended Edgecliff
College on scholarship, and graduated in 1978 with a BA in Drawing
and Painting.
She has studied with and been influenced by the work of Wolf
Kahn, Susan Sarback, Doug Dawson and Albert Handell. Always
filled with ideas, Ursula can be inspired by anything from driving in
the country to something as simple as looking through a magazine.
She likes to focus on the fundamental nature of a scene – the values,
colors and shapes -using a “notan” study, a Japanese method of
examining lights and darks. She enjoys alternating between landscapes
and abstracts to keep her interest in both genres high. Ursula
experiences a spiritual connection as she creates art, something she
wants the viewer to experience as well.
Artist Statement
“My art makes a strong, bold statement, an unambiguous statement.
Yet it can be very ethereal too. I want people who look at my art to
be transported into another realm, to transcend the normal human

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