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Taya Hubbard

Taya became fascinated with constructing unique objects as a child in Minneapolis, MN, and, as an adult, she simply kept on building. She refined her skills at the University of North Dakota, where she received her B.F.A., and Illinois State University, where she pursued her M.F.A. After spending several years as the Director of Sculpture for a large interior design firm, two years ago, Taya opened up her own studio. Since then, she has concentrated on developing her own signature style.
The painted metal objects Taya creates reflect her long-time love affair with the Southwestern desert. The palette and the media for her work are chosen carefully in order to best reflect the interplay of three-dimensional objects and light. This gives Taya’s objects an ethereal quality that belies their resilience. Taya is a perfectionist, and attention to detail and fine craftsmanship are hallmarks of her work. Clients purchase her artwork because it is not only attractive, but it stands the test of time.

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