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Selina Rodriguez

Selina grew up in a small town in Wyoming. Her mother was a teacher and her father was a ceramic artist. Her lively and creative home environment inspired her passion to paint and create.
Selina’s formal education is comprised of an Associates of Fine Arts degree and two BFA degrees from Arizona State University. One BFA is in Painting and the other is in Draw-ing. She also studied Art History in Italy.
Selina is very inspired by Lucian Freud for “his determination to make each painting as rich and as lush as possible.” She also admires Richard Diebenkorn for his color composition and Egon Schiele for his “beautiful line quality”. She is grate-ful for her painting instructor at Arizona State University, Jerry Schutte, as “he taught me that painting is a skill that we can never fully grasp.”
Artist Statement
“There will always be something more to learn. Not to be discouraged but to be challenged by it. My goal is to simply keep growing and make beautiful paintings in the process.”

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