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Robert Donahue

Robert Donahue was born in the California Bay Area, and is one of three brothers. At a young age he learned wood and metal arts from his father and grandfather by helping them build furniture, metal lamps, and even the workshop they worked in. Growing up in Cupertino, the schools offered classes in wood and metal where he continued to perfect his skills. In his senior year he was recruited to teach classes to other students.

Donahue attended San Jose State University to study industrial arts and automotive technology. While still pursuing his interest in dimensional artwork as a hobby, he began a career as an auto-motive technician. Twenty years later, a back injury forced him to give up his career as a mechanic. He quickly seized the opportunity to return to his early craft and first passion: metalsmithing and woodworking. The results have been a wide variety of creations, all labors of love. Today he lives in San Jose, CA where he is slowly assembling his dream workshop and studio.

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