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Peter Kuttner

Peter Kuttner was born and raised near Boston, Massachusetts and on the rugged coast of Maine. After attaining his BFA from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, Peter work as the Art Director for New Life Films and later led the graphics department of the National Museum of American Illustration.
Kuttner draws his subtle palette of cool blues and greens, and warm reds and gold, from his formative years spent in around the New England beaches. Each canvas is ap-proached with a keen technical acuity while still embracing the spontaneity that develops great works of art. Once com-pleted, every piece is hand-finished to deliver that very par-ticular level of complexity he is known for.
Each painted plane is exploited to the fullest breadth of its dimensional abilities. Layer upon layer of textures, colors, and finishes come together to create a uniquely three dimen-sional vision on a two dimensional plane.
Kuttner’s portfolio spans across three genres of painting: city-scapes, still life/florals, and minimal abstracts. His gritty city-scapes depict urban narratives abstracted through architec-tural detail and textures borrowed from urban existence and man’s physical and emotional response to it. His still life and florals speak to the organic respites that push against our man-made environments. Each time taking a familiar tree blossom or a single flower, standing upon a stark stem pushed up through the concrete, and abstracting it to explain the feeling surrounding the image.
Inspired by Van Gogh’s palette and restless brush, Kuttner’s paintings capture those inevitable moments to offer a sus-pended contemplative look at the familiar.

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