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Lun Tse

Born in Hong Kong, China, on February 19, 1964, Lun Tse was one of ten siblings, including a twin brother. Lun’s name, which directly translates to the demonstrative “dragon” in English, destined the aspiring artist for greatness from the very beginning. Lun’s work — which melds bold, rich color, thoughtful brushstrokes and delicate imagery — brings to mind this traditional Chinese symbol, a creature both elegant and powerful in nature.

In 1967, when Lun was only three years old, his family relocated to San Francisco, specifically the bustling borough of Chinatown. Eventually the Tses transferred to Salinas, California, a decision that prompted Lun to explore his talents early on. In Salinas, Lun’s twin began writing, which sparked Lun’s own innate desire to create. He began drawing intricate illustrations to accompany his brother’s unique stories.

In high school, Lun focused primarily on his art classes and as a result, was awarded with a scholarship post-graduation. Immediately following, Lun relocated to Tampa, where he began experimenting with a variety of mediums and subjects. With the help of instructional art books, Lun polished his craft and used this expanding knowledge to pursue freelance projects on the side. He considered each venture an opportunity to expand his prowess as both an artist and a professional in his field. Perseverant to the core, Lun won numerous festival awards during this period, and even had his work featured at a number of posh Boca Raton galleries.

It wasn’t long before Lun was hired as an Art Director for a Tampa art company. The experience gave him a greater appreciation for the painstaking process behind fine art construction, and the delicate details that make these individualized pieces special.

Artist Statement

“I find great satisfaction in creating artworks that are done well,” Lun says. “To have them well-received by any audience brings a total sense of accomplishment. When a collector takes my artwork for their own to enrich their homes — this gives me a sense of contribution.”