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Katie C. Gutierrez


Fine art has provided me with the creative outlet I require in order to properly function since childhood.  I am inspired by a feeling or visual cue almost every day, and creating art is my most natural response to that inspiration.   With degrees in both photography and graphic design, I struggled to for years find my artistic “voice” and medium until discovering encaustic painting and collage in 2005. Texture, depth, and color (or lack of) are very important aspects of my work, and my paintings and prints are typically created from a combination of encaustic paint and medium, paper, fabric, cold wax, ink, shellac, bronze powder, mica, watercolor, and acrylic.   My experience has been a mix of learning how to do things properly while simultaneously experimenting in practices that would most likely result in epic failure – and as a huge fan of the “happy accident,” something I have learned not to worry about.  I love the meditative and sensory experience of working with wax.  It allows me to incorporate the “messy, yet graphic” feeling that I have always been attracted to in art that I like into the art that I make.

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