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Karen Leibrick

Born and raised in Southern California in 1964, this self-taught artist’s first inspiration came from her love of horses and at a very early age, showed her talent for drawing them. At the age of nine, she began working in pastels and at the age of fourteen, she got her first set of acrylic paints from her brother for Christmas. By the time Karen graduated high school, she was specializing in painting portraits, sports athletes in action, big cats, birds of prey and other endangered species. Now, with thirty years experience, she has expanded her subject matter to include landscapes, figurative and contemporary abstracts. Karen never stops pushing the envelope either when it comes to the colors she uses or the new techniques and styles which demonstrates her ability to transcend traditional boundaries and to continually challenge her-self to find new and exciting avenues of expression.
The youngest out of four and the only girl, artistic abilities run in her family. “Everyone in my immediate family pos-sesses the ability to draw, which is unusual… but my cousin Melissa and I are the only ones who express it on canvas.” Related to early American artist Edward Hicks, painter of “Peaceable Kingdom”, they both share the generational blessings that show in their paintings.
On a personal note, when Karen isn’t painting, you might find her four wheeling, on the archery course, at the gun range, or behind a microphone singing the national anthem at a local sporting event or just plain karaoke. She is a staunch advocate for cancer research, and as former NFL cheer-leader, has been a participant in many charity events close to her heart.

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