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Justin Earl West

Justin Earl West moved to Arizona with his family from upstate New York when he was twelve. He was prolific and driven from a young age and involved himself in a variety of the arts. From sculpting, drawing and painting to music, acting and special effects make- up, he continues to expand his visions for creating. Justin started working with steel as a teenager. He also learned what he could in the field of mechanics and body work as well as construction and took these skills back to the world of art. Justin West states, “I have been a sculptor all of my life. I love the freedom of mixing mediums. I have worked with almost anything you can think of from clay, plexiglass or fiberglass, and wood to concrete, drywall or steel. Whatever a sculpture needs I can bring it in.” He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his artist partner, Josiane Childers, and their three German Shepherds.

Justin Earl West loves steel for its strength and resilience combined with versatility. Justin says you can do anything with it and it will last. He is also inspired by its captivating history of raw ore forged of fire from the center of the earth. Every piece of steel he touches has been part of this planet since its birth and will be until the end. Justin feels it is an honor and privilege to give it a form from his imagination. Justin uses patinas on steel out of his deep respect for it. He wants to see the natural colors that the steel itself has the potential to yield. Justin is able to bring these colors out of the steel without sacrificing the textures he has labored to create.