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Joshua Wiley

Joshua Dean Wiley is a contemporary fine artist, creating intriguing images through rhythm, form and repetition. His artwork, inspired by his world, includes simple landscapes representing the rural Midwest of his youth and vivacious abstracts stimulated by the power of the great urban desert of Phoenix, his home since 1995.
Josh paints with a prolific range of styles. This creative force is driven by his desire to explore a whole variety of mediums. Each of his artworks are painted with a myriad of layers, creating texture, color and movement, conveying images, emotions, and the layers of everyday life. He paints his world with elemental earth tones and metallic’s; iron oxide, chromium oxide, silver and gold. Josh continues to push the boundaries of presentation merging mediums to create sculptural art forms with acrylic, steel, canvas & wood. Josh creates exclusively out of his downtown studio and his works can be seen in fine galleries throughout Arizona and else-where in the nation.
Artist Statement
“I have a very artist family, but I’m the first to pursue art as a career. I also come from a long line of tinkerers and inventors, which has influenced the creation of my metal and plexi sculptures. My art teachers and mentors in H.S. and college were great influences as well. They consistently pushed me to test my boundaries as an artist, seek challenges, forcing growth and experience .”

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