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Jessica Godisak

The simplicity of art and color is the cornerstone of Jessica’s paintings. She documents her feelings and emotions in her work. Always trying to convey the idea that we all need to quit making our lives so complicated and to find beauty in simplicity.
Growing up in rural Michigan gave Godisak the kind of no-nonsense ideas that live in her work. She also spent nearly a decade in Phoenix and enjoyed seeing and being a part of a budding modern art scene with artists who were willing to take chances. This gave her a place to grow as an artist. Living in the desert as well as amidst the ocean and mountains of the San Francisco Bay Area has also expanded her perspectives.
The chance that Jessica always takes in her art is truly being honest about what she does and how she does it. Art should be a lot of things, but being contrived is not one of them. She has fun with her paintings and enjoys using color to make her work stand out. Another big influence on her art is her back-ground in design, which she studied in college. You can see the control of space and the ability to have a piece with abstract values, still be soft and easy for anyone to enjoy.
Artist Statement
“Art has changed a lot for me over the years. Those silly trees I drew as a kid become more interesting, the perfect portraits evolve to be a bit more distorted. At the moment, I enjoy exploring the ‘in-betweens’ of the styles that most interest me and seeing what I can pull from the less obvious. For me, art has always been a passion. I find comfort in my work and hopes that you do as well.”

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