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Jenny Summa

Born in 1972, artist Jenny Summa was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. Summa discovered her love for creativity and the arts in early grade school with her first set of oil paints from her father around 1983. With no training, she observed shapes and color through nature and her surroundings attempting to copy whatever inspired her. At Scottsdale Community College in 1990, she took her first art class. She did some traveling and soul searching for several years, then continued her college education at University of Arizona receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Emphasis in Painting in 1999. Summa’s work went from realistic in the 80’s and 90’s to impressionistic in the later 90‘s to abstract in 2002. Her work emits soft color compositions using complementary colors with layering of background into foreground for sophistication as well as depth. Her work is prolific in subject matter, however, all is soft and elegant, inspired by nature and the totality of her life.
Artist Statement
“As an artist, my work is inspired by my surroundings, but mostly nature. My goal is to create beautiful imagery to convey peace in the eyes of the beholder, as well as value the significance and awe of creation itself.”

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