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Jennifer Shaw

Born in the agricultural landscape of Upstate New York in 1980, artist Jennifer Shaw grew up the eldest of six children in the small town of Rodman. Her close knit family ties helped build the confidence that’s needed to visually explore and render the world around and expand a young imagination. Always fond of wildlife, she cared for many domestic and exotic animals that she earned from good grades, high school track and field goals, and small jobs around town. Raised in a house set in the vast rolling hills, she looked forward to summer when the tundra exploded with plant and animal life. This is the inspiration for many of her rich and beautiful landscape paintings. Supported and encouraged by her high school art teacher Mary Ellen Shevalier, she pursued higher education after graduating South Jefferson High School in 1998.
Shaw went on to study at Pratt at Munson Williams Proctor Institute where she earned an Associates in Fine Art and then continued her education at Syracuse University. Under the awesome influence of world renowned painter Professor Jerome Witkin, Shaw worked hard to earn the Junior Painting Award in 2001. Taking every studio class the intense Witkin taught it was then she knew painting was the road to follow. Graduating Syracuse with a BFA including a
major in Painting with academic honors in 2002 Shaw immediately moved to Phoenix, Arizona in search of opportunity. Arizona’s beautiful desert terrain has captivated her heart. Born a runner she trains on the trails to compete in marathons nationwide, including Boston Marathon in 2008.
The artist lives and works in Gilbert continuing to grow both her business and her skills with the support of her husband, friends and family. This priceless social support and feedback keeps her motivated to improve in every area of her life.
Artist Statement
“It is the simplest things that tend to bring the greatest rewards.”

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