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Jennifer Lister

Jennifer Lister spent her childhood in a small town located in Upstate New York. The oldest of 6 children, she was nurtured by a loving family and the farmlands that stretched for miles. The daughter of a mechanic and granddaughter of a beef farmer, she grew up with the notion she could pursue whatever she wanted as long as she worked hard for it. At the age of 4, she painted a complex creek side scene that astonished her young mother. School provided even more evidence as the right brain continued to overwhelm her studies; struggling in math and science while amazing her teachers in the arts and language classes. She earned national recognition competing in the scholastic art shows throughout high school.

Education supported Jennifer, granting full and partial scholarships, first at Pratt Institute for the arts and then continuing onto Syracuse University. While attending Syracuse she found great inspiration in world renowned figurative painter Jerome Whitkin. Intrigued by the organic she created an impressive portfolio which landed her a design position in Phoenix, Arizona. Since graduating Syracuse University in 2002 she has earned her living as a painter, with galleries selling her work throughout the country.

Nature plays an enormous role in inspiring the artist. She has competed in 5 marathons throughout the United States, the 112th Boston Marathon being the most recent. Lister enjoys mountain biking, road cycling, cross country running and hiking throughout the Arizona wilderness. “It is the simplest things that tend to bring the greatest rewards,” she says. Jennifer Lister lives in Arizona today, adding her appreciation for nature to every work of art.