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Erin Galvez

In the first grade, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Erin Galvez already knew that she wanted to be an artist. A quiet and introspective child, she was quite content with some paper and something to draw with. Even leafing through her mother’s Sunset magazines, Erin wondered how she would ever be able to create art beautiful enough that someone would want to hang it in their home. In high school, one of her best-friends parents had a lithograph hanging in their dining room, and after close inspection of the piece of art, she knew what she wanted to study in college.
Erin went to California State University, Sacramento and received her BA in studio art with an emphasis on printmaking. After college, still hungry for more knowledge, she was fortunate to be able to travel and live in New York, Virginia, and Arizona eventually finding her way back to the west coast ready to begin her career.
Artist Statement
“I still find it remarkable, as I as an artist and a woman, that all of the experiences in my life, the small little things that have influenced me continue to find their way into my work. I find myself especially attracted to Asian art and crafts. I realize that those open drawers in my grandmother’s jewelry box filled with cloisonné jewelry, as well as the Korean embroideries, Chinese antiques and Japanese prints in her home have played a necessary part in my perceptions of beauty.”

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