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Don Bardshaw

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1961, Don Bradshaw grew on the new city’s outskirts amidst the contrasting farmland, desert and suburban development. After growing up in Arizona, Arkansas and Texas, Bradshaw received his B.F.A. in painting and printmaking from Abilene Christian College.

Influenced by the shapes and colors of the landscapes of Texas and Arizona, he offers a unique perspective on the patterns and contours of the earth. Working in both abstract and representational forms, Bradshaw merges the plowed fields, roadways and canals what he calls “the etchings of the earth” into layers of resonant color. He is just as likely to depict landscape through abstract monoprints, original oils using a printing press to transfer a hand painting onto paper as a single unique image, as he is via painting on canvas.

Bradshaw currently works out of his spacious, self- constructed studio in Glendale, Arizona. He escapes the summer heat of the desert by traveling the Pacific Coast from San Diego to Portland, shooting reference photography and painting plein air along the way.

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