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Chris Biel

Bay Area artist, Chris Biel is known for affectionately portray-ing the style of The Dutch Masters in his paintings. The son of a high school art instructor, his early interest in Rembrandt and Vermeer and an inclination toward illustration set him on a path of intensive exploration.
Study at U.C. Berkeley and San Francisco State University eventually gave way to two years traveling abroad in Europe. There he learned painting as a lifestyle as well as an aca-demic and professional pursuit. Upon his return to the Bay Area, he worked as protégé to a group of San Francisco State instructors. In their studio, he further explored the intricacies of light, detail and spirituality associated wit the style of painting he so admired. He credits those mentors, above all other experiences, with shaping him as an artist.
Biel’s work has been included in juried exhibitions in Washington DC, Colorado, Carmel, Palm Springs, La Jolla, and Philadelphia. His paintings have been featured in galleries around the United States and in Paris. In addition to working as a free-lance illustrator for major publishing companies, Chris currently paints in his San Francisco-Mission Delores area studio with a group of young artists.

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