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Charles Cleeton

Cleeton’s most recent paintings are an exploration through which he expresses the process of change. As he consciously commits the brush to the surface, he is aware of accidental means as an avenue in assisting him through that very process of change and discovery.

Bold brush work enables Cleeton to convey his passion to his work. Clearly informed, the artist moves consciously over his surface as he pays tributeto the New York School of American Action Painters. Such movements documented by Robert Motherwell, De Kooning and others are reflected throughout the development of Cleeton’s hand. However, the artist’s total involvement and dynamism for the moment allows him the freedom to communicate and explore various pictorial languages.

Cleeton’s mastery with the medium is evident as he juxtaposes the reductive with the anticipation of the future. His paintings are sufficiently individual to be given their own place and time.