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Bruce Braithwaite

Bruce is a realist painter born in 1950 and originally from Manchester, England with relatives in both the U.K. and the United States.

Between 1984 and 1986, over fifty landscape paintings were produced of Cumberland Island and southwest Georgia. Living and working in a studio off Peachtree Street, Braithwaite began capturing city images of Atlanta. The city theme eventually evolved into a group exhibition titled “Atlanta: A City Portrait.” Joined by fourteen other artists, the exhibition was highlighted by local magazines and CNN’s “Week in Review.”

After relocating to the northeast in 1991, Braithwaite began paintings of Philadelphia and New York. Shortly following the 1996 Olympic Games announcement and just before relocat-ing to New Jersey in 1992, Peachtree Street was captured in the moment of celebrating Atlanta’s winning Olympic bid. The painting “Ticker Tape Parade” was hung in the main lobby of the Olympic offices during the games and finally in an Atlanta corporate collection.

Annual trips to the west to photograph the Sierra Nevada mountains and California’s central coast provide the subject matter for Braithwaite’s newest series of landscape paintings on both paper and canvas. Those works range from highly detailed, realistic depictions to dramatic abstracted impressions.

Located in Princeton, NJ, Bruce Braithwaite has been producing both city and landscape paintings and is an awarded member of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester, MA, one of the most established and largest art associations in the United States.

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