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Augustin Sullivan

Sullivan was born in 1959 in Mexico City. He was raised in Coyoacan where he passed the noted Blue House of Frida Kahlo each day walking to and from school. He attended The University of Mexico, where he obtained a degree in Architecture. At the same time he attended The San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts learning and mastering various techniques ranging from the old masters to the most modern.
The work of this artist is a culmination of professional experience as an architect and private perspectives as an observer of his surroundings. Sullivan has always been fascinated with the theory of “The Golden Mean” which is an ancient technique used to build in perfect harmony. For example, the cultures of Egypt and Greece used this formula to their build temples and pyramids. It is also employed in music, sculpture and poetry. And certainly it can be seen all around in nature. When one sees a perfect five-point star or a nautilus in a work of Sullivan, it has been executed mathematically and geometrically following the centuries old formula of “The Golden Mean.” He worked mainly in watercolor for many years. He now enjoys all mediums
and has become masterful at whatever he attempts. He is versatile working in various styles from realistic to romantic to non-representational.
Artist Statement
“ Landscapes fascinate me, whether it be a canal in Venice, a cathedral in Mexico, or an open field in Texas. While the architect in me wants an exact replica, the artist longs to add, diminish, exaggerate, enhance – to reconstruct reality. That new construction holds memory, emotion, texture, perhaps even taste for some. I want to draw each viewer into the landscape, to experience that place in a way only they can know. ”

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