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Asha Menghrajani

Coming from East Indian descent, Asha Menghrajani grew up in the Philippines and traveled extensively before choosing the United States as her home in 1992.
Asha’s art training began at age 14 when she learned the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy. A year later, after garnering her first show, she was motivated to pursue her passion in fine art. Coming from a family of merchants, it was practical for Asha to pursue her Bachelor degree in Commerce, and at the same time finding time to explore her creativity as an artist. During her school breaks Asha would continue to train in charcoal drawing, oil, Chinese watercolor painting and fabric design. The freedom to explore different mediums, combined with her love for travel, is well represented in her paintings. Asha fuses all of her disparate knowledge into a rich mixed media process. Her painting transports you from reality to a vibrant, mystical and abstract world, where you are the storyteller, creating and interpreting your own stories.
Artist Statement
“When I consciously step into the unknown, my uninhibited self-expression is a painting. It is a distilled, bottled essence of my experience when I am in that uplifting and wonderfully mysterious state of creativity.”

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