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Mary Macky

Mary Mackey began her career in the visual arts with a distinct focus on photography. She earned an Associate Degree from the Colorado Institute of Art, and began working as a freelance fashion photographer and photojournalist.
With this background in photography, and influences consisting primarily of the post-war modern American artists, Mackey’s work thus far has been exclusively in abstraction. In the mid-eighties, her interaction with Mark Lunning of the Open Press introduced her to the world of printmaking: “In the beginning, I successfully incorporated photographs as collage elements into the mono-printing process, which in turn led me to focus solely on printmaking.”
In 1986 Mary began traveling to Europe and moved to London in 1989, teaching and working as professional photographer. She subsequently moved to Berlin and became involved in “The East Side Gallery”, the largest open-air gallery in the world. Mary participated as an Artist and Photographer, and also was responsible for marketing efforts for this project. Which has become the only remaining portion of the Wall and is a historical landmark today
Returning to Denver in 1991 and opening The Mackey Gallery devoted to show some of the regians great mid-career artists. The gallery quickly became known as one of Denver’s best. After running the gallery for nine years Mackey wanted to get back to her own work full time and closed the gallery in 2000.
Since then Mary has continued to paint on various surfaces such as Mylar, canvas, board, and printmaking.

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